Art and Parcel

  • Scope:
    Avatar, Logotype
  • Skills:
    Illustration, Identity, Typography
  • Agency:
    Art and Parcel

By merging my initials, “MP”, and brand name, “art & parcel”, my goal was to suggest the idiom “part & parcel”, a concept that applies to my design philosophy and identity. Design cannot be separate from my life; it is the way I see, process, and express the world. Although my initials and brand name are separate, as well as the avatar, they are integrated as a whole through careful placement, and the interaction of color, form, and type. Influence to this is my aesthetic: streamlined, thoughtful, and playful, with a love of color, form, photography and type.

The letterforms which make up the avatar, “M”, back-to-back “P”s, and “A”, also incorporate the visual pun “cut and paste” using the forms of a paste brush and pair of scissors. To “cut and paste” is a physical action as well as a digital command. I find it’s important to balance both hand building skills and digital prowess, making use of all available resources.

A modified Clarendon typeface creates the logotype. By adjusting the weights and curves, removing the serifs, and retaining the ball terminals the result is a sleek logotype with grace and character.

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